Latoya Early – #100women

Latoya Early - 100women

Latoya Early – #100women

Our 41st Woman You Should Know is Latoya Early!!!

@LaToya Early is founder and President of Chase Great Enterprises™, a multifaceted coaching and training resource for innovators seeking purpose-driven business and lifestyle development.

LaToya is a wife, woman of God, mother of3 and purpose enthusiast who has committed her life toproviding faith based internal development strategies to emerging entrepreneurs.Vision Coach LaToya Early has traveled the entrepreneurial journey for over 10 years.

From Multi-Level Marketing toco-owner of a Detroit Semi-Professional Basketball TeamLaToya has had the opportunity to stretch herentrepreneurial calling in many different areas. In 2012 LaToya finally found her path and turned her serial entrepreneur lifestyle into a profound business owner and empowerment speaker.

LaToya is the overseer of a coaching community where she provides coaching certifications, training’s and mentorship. She believes building a business from the heart is the key to longevity, consistency and service.

Vision Coach LaToya Early has cultivated her life’s calling through helping other dreamers enjoy the fulfillment of business building with purpose. She is committed to helping entrepreneurs andbusiness owners define the foundation of their business on the premises of their WHY and not their WHAT.

By taking a spiritual approach to business building it has completely transformed her journey and gave her the tenacity needed to persevere.

LaToya is most known for her ability to help entrepreneurs dig deep and discover, define and develop the WHY behind their brand. Her training’s and masterclasses are designed to help entrepreneurs create purpose-driven lifestyles through internal development. While working in her company fulltime, LaToya has also published several personal development books, key-noted amazingempowerment events, commencement ceremonies, featured on an array of inspirational women blogs, television and radio interviews.

LaToya has tackled the journey of entrepreneurship by focusing on the WHY behind her brand. She offers accountability, empowerment, internal development strategies, and a spiritual approach to a lifestyle of success in purpose. She is called to see the WHY behind your brand and keep you committed to the process. She is gifted to nurture, develop and see in dreamers what they can’t see in themselves.

Chase Great Enterprises encourages every believer to Chase the greater within them!

Latoya is a visionary coach, empowerment speaker, and an author. She is very dedicated to her mission of helping entrepreneurs through their journey, and helping them to establish their brand. Saving Her Elegance is more than honored to recognize Latoya Early as Our 41st Woman You Should Know! #innovator #entrepreneur #faithdriven #brand #builder #elegant #savingherelegance #woman41

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