Debra White-Hunt – #100women

Debra White-Hunt - 100women

Debra White-Hunt – #100women

Meet Our 43rd Woman You Should Know!!!

Debra Jean White-Hunt is Co-founder and Artistic Director of Detroit-Windsor Dance Academy (DWDA) and Companies. DWDA was established in 1984 as a non-profit 501©3 Corporation to serve the greater Detroit-Windsor International Community. As a Native Detroiter and retired Detroit-Public School Dance Teacher, Debra has devoted her life to equipping students with the tools to discover the divinity and purpose of dance in their lives. Debra received her BA in Theatre, Dance and Education/Teaching Certificate from Michigan State University and MEd in Education, Dance, Physical Education and Art from Wayne State University. Debra studied as a scholarship student at Alvin Ailey and Dance Theatre of Harlem in NYC and has formally studied Ministry at Moody Theological Seminary. Since 2000 she has studied liturgical dance throughout the country faithfully with the National Liturgical Dance Network and has directed the Liturgical Dance Ministry since 2004 at her church home Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church.

During Ms. White-Hunt’s 40+year career she has taught pre-school through college levels, the gifted, the deprived, senior citizens, corporate America (to relieve employee stress), the physically and mentally challenged, and has developed many educational tools and programs to prepare her students for ‘excellence’ in dance.  She has touched the lives of  thousands of ‘youth’ of all ages who have come under her tutelage.

Debra has also danced throughout the USA and the world in South Africa, Bermuda, Australia, Jamaica, Europe, Costa Rica, Canada, (etc.), and has completed several residencies as well. She has danced for President Clinton, Aretha Franklin, Rosa Parks, Edythe Scott Bagley and has served as dance ministry director for the National Baptist Congress in Detroit. She has been commissioned to teach, choreograph and dance on stage, video, and film, and has acted on the silver screen.  She has been published and photographed in books, quoted in magazines and has been the front page headlines of the daily newspapers saluting her work in the arts. She and DWDA have danced in every main venue in Detroit.

She has received numerous awards for her dance pursuits including: being recognized nationally and internationally: Milken National Educator Award (1 of 10 in the state selected nationally), Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Fellowship (1 of 10 in the country), Michiganian of the Year, Dance teacher of the year, and many, many others that she humbly appreciates.

Mrs. White-Hunt gives the Glory to God, for all that He has provided in her 66+ years.  She has the heart for liturgical dance and a passion for pageantry. She thanks her husband of 30+ years, Bruce Hunt who is the Ex. Director of DWDA, as well as her family, staff, Delta Sigma Theta Sorors, friends and former and current students and teachers.

Not only is Mrs. White- Hunt a pioneer of dance, she has been a positive influence in the lives of many young people.  She is well known in her community, she is a teacher, dancer, performer, innovator, originator, and leader.  Debra is the epitome of elegance!  We are beyond honored to present Debra White-Hunt as our 43rd Woman you Should Know!!! #savingherelegance #SHE #performer #grace #elegance #blackgirlmagic

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